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Dissertation topics in education

Perhaps one of the most critical parts of working on a dissertation is knowing the factors that make up a great topic. The world is full of compelling, contributing, interesting dissertations, and some may never be read simply because the topic choice doesn’t sell the paper. It’s helpful to know what not to do when choosing dissertation topics in education, and also what the best method is in constructing a great topic.

Topic mistakes that won’t do your dissertation any justice:

Topics that are too broad

If your dissertation topic doesn’t successfully narrow in on a particular angle of discussion, you may find yourself trying to write about too many things that aren’t pertinent to your message. For instance, if your topic reads: ‘The life and history of John Lennon: His love for music’, you have been too unspecific about what you are writing about.

Try and make your topic focus in on exactly what area of the subject you plan to explore. Taking our example, let’s try something like: ‘The early life of John Lennon: How his childhood influenced his love for music’. With this topic you are telling the reader what specific part of the subject’s life you will be writing about.

Topics that are vague

What is dissertation writing all about? It is about being clear in effective communication and reasoning. The way a topic is improved in this area is by using simple words that relay a strong message. Forget about trying to impress everyone with long, pretentious words and sentences that are phrased in elaborate ways. Better visit a reliable service and get someone to help me write my dissertation for me.

A topic that reads: ‘The childhood antics of John Lennon that shaped his eventual music career.’ is unnecessary and overdone. Keep it simple.

Topics that are ‘un(re)searchable’

Do not be scared to dive into a topic that has not been explored before, but also be sure that you will be able to source enough research material to prove your case effectively. If you find yourself wanting to research something that has little information on the subject, try and see if it is at all possible to conduct your own research. This can include interviews, tests or experiments. Adding something new to your subject is always a dissertation plus.

Dissertation topics in education that make your dissertation desirable to read:

Topics that contain a subject, study, branch and setting

A good topic should contain four features that make it easy to elaborate on. Take a look at the example: ‘The early life of John Lennon: How his childhood influenced his love for music’

  • A central subject (John Lennon)
  • The study (childhood)
  • A branch (love for music)
  • The setting (early life)

Try and remember this recipe when thinking up your topic and be sure to utilize this information during your writing.

Topics that contain controversial hooks

Any topic that contains a controversial angle is more likely to be read. If you choose to implement this strategy to make your topic more appealing, do not neglect to carry out the promise of controversy in your writing too. There is nothing worse than being enticed to read something, only to be disappointed by the content. If you are not inspired to good ideas, you can ask dissertation writers.

Topics that promise to contribute

This is where originality comes in. Think out of the box when it comes to making your topic choice. If there are numerous students writing on John Lennon and his Beatles involvement, then take a different approach and write about how his childhood led up to his music career. Being unique with your topic is a must. If you are just jumping on the bandwagon and redundantly repeating someone else’s writing journey, your dissertation will end up being unnoticed.

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