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Composing Solid Dissertation Titles In Graphic Design

Graphic design dissertations are very different than most other dissertations. The title of an essay of this type is extremely important. You need to spend some time so your title will give your reader the first picture of your topic. When you are writing for graphic design, you will have to use not only written words but graphs, pictures, and charts. You must be able to give your readers a much more visual picture of your topic than you would if you were doing your thesis in another area of study. You will also have to explain, in vivid detail, whatever pictures or graphs you are using. This type of paper really is different. Your graphs, charts, and pictures and your explanations of them are actually more important than what you are saying in the words. Your title will tell your audience what to look for in your study. There are many areas of graphic design that you can write your thesis on.

Here are just a few:

  1. The History of Graphic Design- This topic is extremely broad. It would be impossible to write a good paper on such a large topic. It must be narrowed down so you can research it completely and give your reader a good picture of what you want. An example of a topic that is narrowed down might be; How David Carson impacted Graphic Design. Your title will explain just how narrow your topic is.
  2. Applications of Graphic Design-This is another very wide topic area. You can narrow it down by researching just one of the applications such as, scenery or decoration. You can create a vivid idea for your audience with charts and graphs on just one of the applications. When you think about your title, think of it as the legend on map that will help you begin your journey. The more in depth you can go on a narrow subject, the better your reader will understand.

Having a great imagination is definitely a plus when you study graphic design. Exploring ways to get your audience to see what you are trying to explain takes a special talent. Again, the title is the first impression your reader gets about what he is in store for. One thing is for sure, once you do get a picture in your head that helps you understand a topic better, you probably will never forget it. That is what a graphic designer wants to accomplish in both his field and in the way he writes his dissertation.

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