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How To Write A Strong Thesis Statement

In persuasive or argumentative writing, you are tasked with convincing and persuading someone to accept or agree with your point of view. It’s important to establish your claim early on and to do so, you will need to compose a thesis statement. This statement will set the tone for your writing and give the reader an idea of what to expect from your essay. The following tips will help you create a strong thesis statement.

Writing a Strong Thesis Statement

  • Whether your topic was assigned or chosen, when writing your thesis statement you must take a stand or choose a position that others may disagree with. Your statement must present a reasonable claim that can be disputed. It should not state facts that cannot be disputed. It should answer a question about your topic.
  • Your statement is not a mere opinion. It should include evidence to support your claim. This statement should use facts to explain to your readers how or why your claim is important.
  • To write a strong statement, you have to narrow down your topic. Your thesis should be narrow enough that it limits your topic to a specific area. It should explain what your argument is about.
  • Make sure your statement is clear and specific. Your readers will need to understand what your claim means. Your statement should express one main idea so that readers are not confused about your topic. There should be no vagueness or ambiguity. Avoid using subjective words like “good” or “ugly.” Readers may have different ideas about what “good” means.
  • Your claim should be interesting. It should grab the attention of the reader. Strong statements will form a relationship with your reader or connect your reader with a bigger issue.
  • Use a generator. It is possible to have your statement generated for you. You input specific information about your topic, and the generator creates a statement. This is very helpful for those who have the what, why, and how but cannot figure out a way to compile them into a coherent sentence.
  • Be sure you statement is presented early in your work. The statement directs the rest of your essay. It is most often placed at the end of the introductory paragraph.

Composing a thesis statement can be difficult for those who are not used to doing so. Using these tips will help you create a strong statement that will help you convince others to see your point of view.

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