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Easy Yet Effective Methods To Write A Geography Dissertation

If you are required to write geography dissertation and are looking for ways on how to go about it, then you will find this guide helpful. Generally, geography students are required to choose a topic on either physical or human geography, or a topic which integrates the aspects of both disciplines. It is up to you, as the student to devise your topic.

The following are easy yet effective methods on how to write a geography dissertation.

Choice of topic

Choice of topic is one of the most important stages in writing dissertation. A good dissertation must grow and develop from good topic. Although there are few constraints in choosing the right topic, you should ensure that you take note of them and put in proper measures to remedy these challenges. Among the most popular constraints is finance and time. Do not choose a topic that requires a lot of financial input, or observation for long period of time.

Topic should be appropriate to degree, related to geography

The study should include first hand research, and can be based on primary collection of data, such as field measurements or on analysis of secondary data, such as census date or satellite imagery. You should demonstrate competence in dealing with materials that are appropriate to topic. Note that some topics are best suited to dissertation while others are suited for public interest or government uses.

For example, topics such as questionnaires on supermarkets and by passes, or urban regeneration studies are very difficult and challenging to handle imaginatively, and tend to produce results that are not satisfactory. In geography, impact studies are not suitable for dissertations, especially if it is not easy or possible to get information about how matters were before and after that particular impact.

How do you know you have chosen the right topic?

The topic that you should choose in geography should be able to do the following:-

  1. Identify and also define problem in order to assess the techniques and data required to find a solution to the problem established.
  2. Make realistic judgment as to what is acceptable and practicable to be tempted within specific framework of experience and resources.
  3. Display critical acumen in the valuation of studies and assessment of conclusion of other similar works in the past.
  4. Devise sound approach in methodological terms at the scale of operation you have chosen.
  5. Show the flexibility of mind, and the determination you have, in order to overcome the potential problems.
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