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How To Write a Methodology Section For a Master’s Thesis

When writing master’s thesis, it is important to note that every university has their own requirements. Requirements can also vary from department to department. Below are some tips on how to create your methodology section. The methodology section will explain and justify the methodologies used in your research.

Explaining the Philosophy

There are three research philosophies you can employ here, interpretivism, positivism and post-positivism.

  • Positivism uses a perspective that will see the writer uses deductive reasoning and hypothesis testing.
  • Post-positivism, like positivism,  is a perspective that employs deductive reasoning as we all empirical evidence and hypothesis testing, but from a realistic viewpoint.

How To Write a Methodology Section For a Master’s Thesis

  • Interpretivism takes the approach of studying people and states how people are different to non-human subjects.

Explain the Approach

A general definition will be required to give the reader an overview of the approach you took when researching the topic for your thesis.

  • The methodology section doesn’t have to go into great detail to educate the reader on every method you employed to research the topic.
  • At the same time it has to read clearly enough for the reader to establish that you were thorough in your methods and the methodology used to take variables into account.

Include an Introductory Paragraph

Although not exclusive to a methodology section as such, it is still important it is included.

  • Writers should explain within the paragraph the problem they will be addressing or the argument being made using the methodology.
  • Further paragraphs should not go into any further detail, instead they should give an explanation of how the information used to address the problem was collected.
  • It can also be advisable to include your justification for using such data, so an explanation of how the information affected your research and why you decided to opt for this particular piece of information.

Discuss The Methods Utilized During The Course of Your Research

It is advised that writers include variables that may affect the outcome of the research, so for people with a particular kind of illness, one of the variables may be the lifestyle of a person and how it affects them in relation to the illness.

Compare Your Research to Other Works Within Your Subject Area

Writers should consider as to whether there are other works that contain comparable information that can be used for comparative endeavors. The use of such works can help strengthen the arguments being made within your thesis, and give the argument even more backbone.

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