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10 Elaborate Art Dissertation Topics

Any dissertation topic requires a great deal of work. It is not a basic essay and the amount and quality of research you do in gathering information plays a major part in the final piece of prose you create. And it doesn't matter which particular topic you are studying, there will always be a wide range of dissertation topics -- and this certainly applies in the study of art.

As always the choice of topic is of major significance. Not only must it be a topic you are keen to write about but also should be one which breaks new ground. This means that it is either a unique topic or that certainly your approach to the topic is unique. Always look for something different and if the topic has been written about before then certainly try for a different angle.

Here are ten art dissertation topics

  1. Art in the business of saving the environment.
  2. The type of arts that people do not believe really is art.
  3. What is the place of cartoons in the world of art?
  4. What do we mean by post modernism in the world of comic book art?
  5. Can we talk about arts in terms of hairstyles and hair fashions?
  6. In studying the culture of a period, what role does art play in this study?
  7. The importance of the self-portrait in an artist's body of work.
  8. Photography and the art gallery.
  9. Why has art deco continued to attract great attention?
  10. The role of outdoor art exhibits in modern society.

It is easy to see that selecting an art dissertation topic allows you free reign. But having this fabulous choice is only worthwhile if you really have a passion for the topic, if it has plenty of relevant and accessible research material and if there is a dearth of writing on your chosen topic.

Aim to make the most and the best of a good situation. Selecting a topic which is unusual makes common sense but only if you really are serious about the topic and it has depth. Many modern art topics have little material upon which you can draw and build a meaty dissertation.

Thinking outside the square is always worth a punt. As you can see from some of the suggested topics above, ideas which challenge the place and idea of art are always provocative and often laced with valuable resource material.

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