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A List of Strong PhD Nursing Dissertation Topics

Sometimes selecting a good dissertation topic can be almost impossible. It can be really hard to choose among thousands of ideas the one that suits you best of all. However, getting a professional helper to write my dissertation for me will be always a good idea. The situation becomes even more overwhelming, when it comes to the selection of the nursing dissertation topic as there are many specific areas that should be taken into consideration.

Here is the list of basic nursing areas that serve as a source of dissertation topics.

  • Pediatric nursing.
  • Surgical nursing.
  • Child health nursing.
  • Mental health nursing.

While selecting a nursing research topic think about the selection of some general topic and show some unknown aspect that can change the idea of the whole concept. The following list of nursing research topics can serve as a great basis for writing a strong research thesis.

  1. How nurses can provide a proper climate in the hospitals to create conditions for elderly people?
  2. What are the peculiarities of diabetic patients’ injury treatment?
  3. What are the ways of reducing the stress of teenagers staying in the hospital?
  4. Describe the means of nutrition improvement in the old people's homes.
  5. What measures should be taken in the hospitals during extreme weather conditions?
  6. Overcoming fear during work in state correctional establishments.
  7. What are the peculiarities of returning to nursing after a long period without practice?
  8. What services should be included in private nursing?
  9. Nursing models and their effectiveness in various situations.
  10. What are the stages of evolution from nursing theory to nursing practice?
  11. How important is the reflection in nursing practice?
  12. What are the most frequent traumatic factors during nursing practice?
  13. Why are psychological skills so important in the work of a nurse?
  14. Do poor housing conditions worsen the speed of patients’ recovery?
  15. Can a friendly attitude of the nurses help patients feel better and recover faster?
  16. Effective techniques that can help during the work with difficult patients who have mental health issues.
  17. Nurses’ responsibilities during work with the patients who have cancer.
  18. How important is the role of intuition during nursing practice.
  19. What are the reasons of burnout in psychiatric nursing and the ways of overcoming it?
  20. What are the ways of coping with food refusal of the elderly people?
  21. What are the peculiarities of non-verbal communication with special categories of patients?
  22. How can nurses improve the public perception of hospital-based care?
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