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Choosing Strong Dissertation Topics in Computer Science

Computer science is a broad subject that is always developing and creating new research opportunities. There are many interesting themes and aspects in this field of study, and practically each of them can be developed into a strong dissertation topic. You should just think what area of the computer science is interesting for you and what specific subject you would like to explore more deeply. It is not necessary that you consider only current developments in the field. Sometimes, it is quite possible to create a powerful dissertation on the basis of topics that were popular in the past. For example, mobile systems, apps, or robots will never come out of fashion if you approach the task responsibly and shed new light on an old issue or idea. To choose a strong dissertation topic, you may look through current achievements in the field, consult with your friends and teacher, and listen to your inner self.

Here is a list of great dissertation topic ideas in computer science that may come in handy:

  • How can software programs reduce the global energy consumption?
  • How can characteristics of a network be estimated? Coming up with new methods.
  • What training techniques are the best for conditional random fields?
  • How can modern applications be supported by operating? Exploring possible ways.
  • How can perpetual mobile systems be tracked? Investigation into existing techniques.
  • How can modern applications be supported by operating? Looking for possible ways.
  • What are the best password management applications? In search of optimal security.
  • Can the effects of traffic accidents on a road network be forecasted? Analyzing and utilizing real traffic data.
  • How can required objects be detected? Investigation into existing methods of unsupervised detector adaptation.
  • What are the current methods of scheduling resources in a cluster? In search of the most effective solutions.
  • What are the simplest and cheapest storage architectures for the cloud? Comparative analysis.
  • How can operations in the data center space run faster? Looking for the simplest solutions.
  • How can dynamic robots be controlled? Exploring a variety of risks.
  • How can images be retrieved on the basis of the text queries? Analyzing suitable models of statistics.
  • Can computers recognize faces? Analyzing effectiveness of the support vector machines in the computer vision.

It is important that you pick not only interesting topics for your dissertation in computer science, but manageable as well. You should be competent enough to conduct quality research and professionally analyze the results you get. Remember to choose a subject that is narrow enough in order to cover it in your project completely.

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