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Drama Dissertation Ideas: How To Write A Good Paper

If you are writing a drama dissertation then keep reading…

When you have a handful of topics, you need to narrow them down with a preliminary search. This does not have to take hours. In fact, it should only take a matter of minutes. You can even do this at home, from your personal computer. In order to conduct your preliminary search you should:

  • Choose the topic and conduct a basic internet search
  • Take notes on the types of sources which are listed in the results field. For example: you might have fifty results that relate to your topic, but none of them are scholarly books or academic articles.

In this case, you will need to find a new topic because no teacher will let pass the fact that you did not include a variety of appropriate sources. Websites alone will not suffice.

Search Multiple Databases

It is important to make sure that the journals, books, and articles you find are available from your school library or local public library. You can use your internet search engines as a first step, but after that you have to cross check your library databases to see if the content is actually available. Just because you found results online for a scholarly article that support your topic does not mean you can use it; if you can’t get a copy of it, it’s a moot point.

You might find seven different articles on the topic, all of seven of which are published in another country and therefore not relevant to your paper. Or you might find great articles but they are all in Italian because it was an Italian grant that funded the research. This is great for a student who is fluent in Italian, but not so great for anyone else.

In short, always make sure you take these few extra steps at the start of your research to find a topic that is perfect for your research paper. The last thing you want is to invest a lot of time and emotion in your topic, only to find it frustrating and incomplete near the end.

Art and music has many great topics on which you can write. Consider the following examples as a foundation for choosing a topic that best suits your assignment:

  • Is art therapy a useful treatment for certain disorders? Why or why not?
  • If there currently a revival of film noir within modern cinema?
  • What do Hollywood remakes represent and why are they still so popular?
  • To what degree does mental illness influence creativity?
  • Should playwrights be held accountable for violence that their finished products ignite?
  • How does the history of certain artistic genres reflect on the social trends taking place in America?
  • How has eastern art influenced western artists?
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