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Creating A Dissertation Outline: Handy Writing Tips

How to create an outline for a dissertation thesis?

  • Step One: Select the topic for the dissertation by brainstorming possible ideas for the topic.
  • Step Two: Make a selection of the topic for the thesis from the possible ideas.
  • Step Three: Begin to do research on the topic by gathering notes, information, materials, and source material.
  • Step Four: Take notes on the topic from the sourced material and resources gathered on the topic.
  • Step Five: Organize the research notes, in the manner, they will be used in the dissertation thesis.
  • Step Six: Create an outline of the research notes and research materials to get a grasp of how the dissertation will be written and will flow.
  • Step Seven: The outline of the research notes should contain the main points including facts and evidence to support the main points.
  • Step Eight: The outline should provide a brief description of the writer’s viewpoint or position on the topic.
  • Step Nine: The outline will provide a general overview of the main components of the dissertation thesis.
  • Step Ten: The outline should provide a general grasp of the topic and how the topic will be addressed in the dissertation thesis.

What is the general format for the dissertation thesis’ outline?

  • The outline must have an Introduction that provides the thesis statement.  Three sentences giving a general overview of the topic and what will be discussed in the dissertation thesis.
  • The Body of the outline will have three sections for the three main points that support the position of the writer on the topic.
  • Each main point will have three supporting facts and supporting evidence.
  • The Conclusion of the outline will have three sentences to summarize the topic, thesis statement, and main points to support the writer’s position.
  • The outline for the dissertation thesis will be sectioned in Roman Numerals (I, II, III, IV, V, etc.)
  • Under each Roman numeral, there will be letters for the subsections (A, B, C, D, E, etc.)
  • Under each capital letter, will be numbers for subcategories (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.)
  • The Introduction, Body, and Conclusion shall be a Roman numeral.
  • The main points of the topic shall be Capitalized Letter.
  • The supporting facts and supporting evidence for each main point shall be a number.
  • Each section of the outline should be no more than six sentences.
  • The outline should be no more than five pages long.
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