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Getting Proper Dissertation Outline Examples: Basic Tips

Perfect structure and content organization are the key assets of any dissertation example. Apart from that, you need to follow the guidelines of your professors diligently so that it abides by the paper requirements. Your formatting style depends on your topic too.

Below mentioned formatting ideas can make your dissertation example a splendid piece of writing. Check them out-

  • Choose your formatting style among the MLA, APA and Chicago style. Take assistance of visual aid whenever necessary.
  • Ensure your printer supports you while printing and prints out flawless pages. Take a printout of the sample page. Check out the color, printing quality and paper quality. Do not forget to proofread and edit your content.
  • Generally your professors prefer Times New Roman font with the font size of 12 in your dissertation. Do not make excessive use of italics, bold, mixing fonts and underlining in your text.
  • Based on the chosen formatting style, adjust the margins. Do it for all your pages. Table of content numerals and acknowledgements may have some variation and you may use Roman over there.
  • There may be variation in line spacing or white spacing. Usually, white spaces do not have more than 2 inches of margins and are devoid of text appearing. If you wish you can create double space between the tables.

Follow the exact order of your dissertation: Title page, acknowledgements, table of contents or index, tables and figures forward, text, bibliography and appendices. This is the most common way of presenting any professional academic thesis.

A perfect dissertation outline example looks like this-

  • Title page: It is the opening page and assimilates all the relevant information of thesis.
  • Abstract: Summary that includes background, methodology and various findings.
  • Contents: Here, you will mention the list of all the chapters and the figures that are contained in the thesis.
  • Your first chapter: It should have a detailed description, an underlying principle with the background that is base of your project.
  • Chapter 2: Literature Review: Write down the summary of the literature that completely supports your project.
  • Chapter 3: Methodology: Describe the methodology used in your research process.
  • Chapter 4, 5, 6: Analysis of data: Describe all the techniques employed while analyzing the research data.
  • Chapter 7: Discussion: Conclusions drawn based on the data analysis.
  • Bibliography: Use of list of references used in the thesis.
  • Appendices: Supplementary material employed in the research process.

Follow this structure, avoid duplication of content and start your thesis on time. Ensure that you proofread your content and make edits before submission.

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