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Tips From Professionals: How to Write Dissertations

When it comes to writing a dissertation, students will benefit from learning from the people who have graduated before them. The dissertation process can be long and complex for first-time graduate students. To make this process easier, use the following tips to stay on top of the dissertation.

Be Prepared for a New Experience

Unless the student habitually writes novels, writing a dissertation will be like nothing they have ever done before. Every essay, test and lab assignment in the student's academic career has prepared them for this specific moment. As the dissertation process unfolds, the student may feel their hopes soar and crash at a moment's notice. From the beginning, students should be prepared for anything to happen.

Get Help From Others

Although the dissertation is when a student transforms into a scholar, this process does not have to be done alone. There are plenty of academic advisers, mentors and other students who can help out along the way. Other graduate students who almost finished or completely finished with their dissertations are often the best sources of assistance.

Changing Your Topic

The topic of the dissertation is never set in stone. As students progress through their project, they may realize that the topic needs to be tweaked slightly. In the early stages, it may even need a complete overhaul. The only time students should avoid changing their topic is when it gets close to crunch time. Adjusting or switching topics should only be done in the first year of doctoral dissertation writing.

Choosing the Right Adviser

More than anything else, the student's adviser determines a large part of the success of their dissertation. An adviser should be selected who is familiar with the topic and an expert in the field. This adviser must be someone that the student feels like they can approach for questions and feedback. In addition, the right adviser will be available throughout the week for questions and guidance. Students should always make sure that they keep their adviser informed about progress and communicate any problems with writing the dissertation.

Take Time For Yourself

Happy, healthy graduate students are more likely to complete a good dissertation. Even when the stress of the dissertation is at its highest, students should take time for activities that help them relax. A yoga class, massage, meditation or exercise can all help the student to focus their mind and relax. If the stress of writing is too much, students should try to schedule the different parts of their dissertation. The student must set deadlines for the research and writing process so that they can know if they are on track.

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