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Dissertation Proposal: I Cannot Find An Original Sample

You dissertation proposal is just as important as your dissertation.  This document lays out your entire dissertation for your advisors and finding a good original example of a dissertation proposal can be difficult if you don’t know where to look.  But there are some places that have some good sample of dissertation proposals online that can help you write the perfect dissertation proposal.

Where To Find Good Samples Of Dissertation Proposals

  • Doing a simple Google search for dissertation proposal samples will give you endless results.  You can also use your topic in the search to narrow down the exact sample you need.
  • The best places to find good original samples are on college and university websites.  These websites will give you the most accurate samples to work from.
  • If you are still having problems after you see the samples, you might want to go to your school’s library and see if they might have any samples from past students there.  This will show you how someone else in your school did it.
  • Asking your advisor for samples of proposals might be your best bet to get good ones.  They might have special samples that they give to their students that can help you write your proposal.
  • I know that you are looking for samples but reading over different articles or journals on how to write one might help you as well.  Reading over the steps might be what helps you write it.
  • You can also look for templates of how a dissertation proposal is set up.  Using a template will help you in your research and outline of your proposal.  You school might even have a special template that they use for all their dissertation proposals that you can use.    

When you are getting ready to actually write your proposal, keep in mind that this is not your dissertation.  So you don’t want to put everything that is going to be in your dissertation in it.  You want to summarize what is going to be in your dissertation, this is basically an outline of your dissertation.  That means you will need to include information about each part you are going to cover.  But it does have a special set up and if you follow that template for your dissertation proposal it will make it easier to write.  The best way to write a great dissertation proposal is to use samples, learn the right way to write one, and ask for help if you need it.

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