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Creating an Outstanding Conclusion for a Dissertation

When you are ready to be awarded your PhD, you will have to research and compose your dissertation. This is a very important paper in your academic career. The topic of the project must be approved, the research must be completed, and the paper must then be written. Then you have to argue the paper. It is an intense process that can take close to a year. It will be a full-time job.

  • When you are near the writing part of the project, you will need to consider your paper's end. A great conclusion is a very important piece to the entire puzzle. Writers will tell you that all papers must start and end strong. The paper's idea should come full circle and be evidently finished. Your reader should not be left confused or unclear about your purpose.
  • Some people spend so long on their close that they re-tell the paper. This is not how you write it at all. You should summarize, re-state the thesis statement, include an universal statement, and then close the piece. It should never be an extended re-telling. If you find that the end portion is longer than most of your body paragraphs, you may have to trim or to start it over.
  • The correct and effective conclusion can be hard to compose for some people. It is not an easy thing to write. Do not be afraid to go to a professional writing company or a freelance writer for help with this very important piece. Many people seek professional assistance. The cost will minimal, and you will be very weary of the writing process by this time in the project. Ask your friends who they recommend. You can also ask your faculty advisor if they recommend anyone to do the job.
  • You will also need to have your faculty advisor look at your end. You should keep in mind that when it comes to this very important paper, he or she is the expert. You should listen carefully as he or she makes suggestions or corrections. They will know what they are talking about. You want to make it so that your audience is still thinking about your paper long after they have finished reading it. The audience will vote on whether t approve it or not, and a strong conclusion will help them to make their decision. 
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