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A List Of Top 20 Unique Dissertation Title Examples In Business

Choosing a title for your dissertation can be tough because it needs time and critical thinking. If you only have to pick a topic without the concern of it being original or not, then it is far easy like essay assignments or other academic papers that you complete in your earlier grades. However, dissertations are an advanced level thing and they need you to pick an innovative idea that no one knows about yet. Even if the subject is discussed several times, you need to pick such an aspect of the subject that is new for the audience and interesting for the readers. You have to make sure that your work adds value to the existing materials on the subject and is something worth reading. This is what makes the topic selection longer than expected and a tough choice because students fail to find a potential niche that is not yet discussed and is important as well.

In order to find such a topic for your paper, you will need to carry out research and perform extensive analysis of the subject matter you are addressing.. If you are having a hard time choosing a title for your paper in business, you may consider one of the following ideas.

Topics for a dissertation in business

  1. Monopoly of dairy milk producers in North East
  2. Managerial roles in a corporate offering services in a certain niche
  3. How do you define and improve your product line if one of your brand is not a success
  4. What determines the type of product for a business whether it is a star product or a cash cow?
  5. Is entrepreneurship hereditary? What is the case of capitalism then
  6. Cash flow statements
  7. Accounting must for a business owner?
  8. Leadership innate or developed? A research with evidence
  9. Motivation and work conditions are they interconnected
  10. Is money the only motivating force for people or do other things matter
  11. What does labor turnover show about a company
  12. Why is it important to have loyal employees apart from loyal customers
  13. Democratic leadership is better than autocratic leadership or vice versa
  14. The food industry and food giants
  15. Steve jobs vs. bill gates
  16. Having a virtual business in 2015
  17. From freelancing to business ownership
  18. Product orientation vs. market orientation
  19. Evaluate JIT approach for a clothing business
  20. Religion and buying behaviors
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