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A List Of Interesting Thesis Topic Ideas For College Students

Many pupils find it difficult to come up with a great topic for their thesis. It needs to be informative, to provide accurate content and at the same time to be written in an interesting, engaging way. Also, they need to watch out for the structural elements of the thesis and to add any specific elements that are required by their professor. If you had to deal with this before, you know how tricky it can be. These topics are interesting enough to satisfy the audience and easy enough to be explored:

  1. Globalization. This topic is so permissible that you can integrate aspects from many sides of the society. You can talk about the cultural impact if this is improving the language or not, advantages and disadvantages and many others.

  2. Smoking tobacco in public places. From one point of view, it is not fair to restrict the freedom of people by prohibiting smoking. On the other hand, this can be very disturbing and damaging for people who do not smoke and especially dangerous for children. Express your point of view.

  3. Adopting stray animals. In some countries, the adoption rate is so low that the government needs to kill thousands of animals every year. Also, some regions have real problems regarding stray dogs because their number increased dramatically.

  4. Assisted suicide. In some parts of the world people who suffer from a terminal disease or they have special circumstances can apply for suicide assisted by doctors. What is the moral and religious opinion about this?

  5. Allowing children to eat fast-food. This food became so popular in the last years that children eat it since they are only a few years old. This can have an incredibly damaging effect on long-term and apparently, the parents don’t even realize.

  6. Electronic voting. An electronic voting system is supposed to make the voting process more accurate and easier, but some people argue that the results are vulnerable on the internet. What do you think and how is the voting process in your country?

  7. Religion in schools. It is considered a personal freedom to be able to choose your religion but in some places, students are not allowed to bring religious symbols in the school or to discuss religious ideologies. Is this fair?

  8. Food chemicals. Our aliments are so processed that most of the time, we don’t even pay attention to the things that we eat. However, there are some dangerous chemicals that are regularly introduced in our foods.
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