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A List Of Strong Dissertation Topics For Your Master's Paper In Public Health

Your interests will help you find a topic suitable for your dissertation project in public health. This sector has a variety of issues and concerns worth exploring. There are dozens of papers written on the subject that may provide insight on potential topics you can write. There are sources available you can access easily to obtain ideas you can work with.

Tips on How to Choose Your Dissertation Topic

Choosing a dissertation topic is something many students struggle with. Few say this is the most challenging part of the whole project. It can be stressful trying to choose a topic on something you don’t know. You can start by using your interests to help you develop a suitable idea for your dissertation. Think about what you have learned so far during your course studies and why you decided to go into this field of work. This is a good time to get answers to questions you may have about a certain topic or concern.

You can brainstorm possible dissertation topics by using broad subjects to help you start. You can exchange ideas with colleagues or find other papers written by previous students for inspiration. Your guidelines will also help you find something you can write about that will make the research and writing process easier for you.

10 Dissertation Topic Ideas for Public Health

Public health has many interesting areas to focus on for a dissertation assignment. Be open to reviewing ideas that encourage you to think outside of the box. Here are 10 to get you going.

  1. Are runway models ideal role models for how people should look?
  2. Can banning cigarettes make it easier for people to quit smoking?
  3. How should teens abstain from sexual activity when marketing campaigns have subliminal messages about sex?
  4. How effective is treatment options for substance abuse?
  5. How can people protect themselves from complex diseases such as superbugs and MRSA?
  6. What are differences in small hospitals versus large hospitals as far as procedures and standards for patient care?
  7. What are reasons why elderly engage in excessive alcohol consumption?
  8. Which parts of the world spend the most money on health care initiatives?
  9. Will a cure for AIDS or cancer ever be found?
  10. Why are certain products (such as cigarettes and certain food products) still available on the market if it causes cancer, illness or disease?
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