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Twenty Good Thesis Topics In UK History For College Students

There is such a rich and diverse expanse of topics from which a student can plan their thesis in UK history that it is next to impossible to narrow it down to just one. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of interesting events that shaped the future of today's United Kingdom. Students of this particular subject are given the opportunity to further examine many of England's most famous movements, wars, rulers, and deaths that brought the country to their collective knees and back up again.

Here are twenty good topics that you may find worth a closer look when choosing a topic for your thesis:

  • The Suffrage Movement in Britain: Anger, tears, and the final right to vote
  • Queen Victoria and British royal rule during the Victorian Era
  • Scotland Yard's rise to power: A historical look at London's Metropolitan Police Service
  • The turning point of democracies and the postwar order: France and Britain
  • The untimely death of "England's Rose": Worldwide tears, outrage, and the unanswered questions in the death of Diana, Princess of Wales
  • Daily life during the Wars of the Roses in the Yorkist Age
  • The three phases of the Hundred Years War and the truces that shaped it: The Lancastrian War (1415-1453); the Caroline War (1369-1389); and the Edwardian Era War (1337-1360)
  • A political history of later Middle Ages England under the rule of King Edward III
  • The history of early pacifist ideas in England 1340-1560
  • Fame and fantasy in the afterlife for England's Queen Elizabeth I
  • Post-war strategic defense and the changing direction of strategy in the British military
  • 1815-1818 occupation of France: The British Army and the Duke of Wellington
  • Strength leading to deterrence: Foreign policy and British naval power during Pax Britannica
  • The 20th century: Maritime power and the Royal Navy
  • The new House of Windsor: The changes from the 1917 Royal Proclamation of King George V to the current Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
  • London's economic path from 1700-1900
  • Love in London's 19th century: Class, sexuality, and gender during the time of Queen Victoria
  • Family, careers, property, and marriage of England's early aristocratic women
  • "Black Death": The spread of the bubonic plague and its effects on both urban and rural Britain
  • Witchcraft, adultery, and incest: The accusations and high treason trial against Anne Boleyn
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