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The Top 20 Interesting Dissertation Topics In Criminology

When someone chooses to be a policeman, he is expected to perform not only the duties of a law enforcer but also the responsibilities of a peacekeeper. It is not a joke putting your life at stake in the service of your country where you will be constitutionally bounded to protect not only life but also liberty and property. In the succeeding paragraphs, a list of topics are enumerated for future reference, further study and a possible comprehensive research in order to improve the performance of a national police force. This is entitled:

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  • Personal discipline and family background as primary and secondary factors in achieving success towards a law enforcement career

  • Government, police and community collaboration: an effective way to combat crime and to assure the public of its safety

  • Drug testing and neuro examination as pre-requisites in hiring new police officers and employees in order to build a trustworthy and credible police force

  • Police visibility as basic strategy to discourage, minimize and stop all possible crimes

  • Strengthening the family relationships and its values as a foundation towards a peaceful and progressive society

  • Effective and efficient governance as primary indicator in preserving peace and order

  • Imposing death penalty in order to stop or minimize heinous crimes and any other related activities

  • Protection of women and children in order to establish respect, value the dignity of human beings and preserve the sanctity of human life

  • Working with the parents, teachers, school officials and the whole education sector in order to prevent or fight juvenile delinquency

  • Establishment of a separate prison facility and providing the human resources and logistics for drug-related cases and organized crimes

  • A study considering abortion as a crime of murder and including intentional miscarriage as an aggravating circumstance

  • A study imposing reclusion perpetual on medical malpractice and other related activities

  • Zero or low crime rate as key indicator in the legislation, approval and establishment of component cities in the country

  • A study in filing a case, impose stiffer fines and consider as priority the penalty of dismissal from service of police scalawags and their officials who will break the chain of command in any of their tactical operations and activities

  • A dissertation in qualifying, giving and awarding of attractive salaries or remuneration and benefits to deserving police officers and employees in order to develop and improve the performance of a national police force

  • An essay suggesting a five-year outstanding performance as primary basis for promotion and placement to higher ranks of deserving police officers

  • A comparative study requiring crime witnesses to undergo at least three lie detector tests before testifying in actual court proceedings

  • A study imposing reclusion temporal on cyber crime and other related activities

  • A research establishing the need for a separate government facility to collect, safe keep, and investigate confiscated crime evidence and other paraphernalia

  • The establishment of a National Public and Safety Board to monitor, assess and evaluate the over-all performance of police departments in the country

The topics mentioned above are products of the writer’s vision towards a peaceful and orderly society. It may contain items that are not attainable as of the moment; but if no one tries to make a move or to go deeper into these ideas, then all of these will remain a dream, waiting to be materialized or converted into reality. If you really are a dedicated public servant, will you accept the challenge?

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