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MBA dissertation topics: look what we've got for you

If you are in need of an MBA dissertation topic then look what we have for you. Review these prompts:

  • What role does leadership skills play in terms of cultivating relationships with stockholders?
  • How can technology be used to improve logistics?
  • What benefit does wifi have in a retail store?
  • How can social networks improve customer relations?
  • How can businesses reduce employee turnover?

After you have your prompt it is time to start working. But while you are working on your MBA dissertation topic it is important to remember these tips:

  • While you are working, only turn on your computer when you will use it. If you leave it on and are not using it, you will leave the door open to more distractions. One such distraction is e-mail. Make it a rule that you can only check your email after you have done a solid hour or two of work. And even then, chances are there is not anything urgent in there. Email is a non-urgent distraction and is the first step in a series of procrastination steps. Many people think they are justified in checking their email because there “might” be something important in there. But in all likelihood, there is nothing in there that relates to what you are working on right this moment and if you wait one or two hours, anything that is urgent enough to warrant your attention for a few moments can wait. You should also allot an average of five minutes to check email and respond to things that need a response. If it can wait, then let it.
  • If you are not working, then get away from the computer. Make conscious effort to either be working or not be working. Don’t mix things up so that you end up in a halfway limbo all the time. You want to create two separate states in your mind. This will actually increase productivity and morale.
  • Lastly, make sure you take care of yourself. Do not forget to eat healthy, or get enough sleep, or get out and see people from time to time. By following the aforementioned tips you can create a schedule that doesn’t leave you crying in the corner without enough time. You can make a schedule that gives you time to socialize properly and enjoy what you are doing.
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