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How to Write a Dissertation Thesis: Useful Expert Help

A dissertation serves as a right of passage for doctoral candidates. They take months and years to finish. For some students, the dissertation can determine the course of their career and life. In order to write the best dissertation possible, students should get all the help they can. Expert advice can make the paper easier to write and more effective at conveying ideas.

Start Early

The number one piece of advice given by experts everywhere is to start writing the dissertation early. Students should propose an idea for their dissertation as early as they possibly can. The student has to make sure that they have time to fulfill their research needs and meet the committee's expectations. Starting early also allows students to have more time to get input from other students, family and professors. The additional time means that the student's mentor has more hours available to help get the student on the right track.

Keep Track of Data

Organization is the key to getting the dissertation complete. Whether students are writing a history or science dissertation, their notes and data must be carefully organized. Using Microsoft Excel for data can help for research projects. For history papers, students can assign each source with a number code so that they can track information more easily. Quotes and statistics can also be organized according to the part of the paper that they are expected to be used. If students are not organized, they will end up wasting hours of their time looking for a particular reference that they misplaced.

Create a Plan and Use It

With months of work stretching ahead of them, writing a dissertation can seem like a daunting process. Instead of becoming overwhelmed, students should step back and break down the process. They should set specific deadlines for research and writing goals. Once the writing process does begin, students should set a certain minimum word count that they must complete on a daily basis. By having a schedule, students can know if they are on track and lessen their stress levels.

Select a Quiet Workplace

Although it seems obvious, students should still find a quiet workplace. An unused corner of the library or locked home office will help students to focus on researching and writing their dissertation. When students begin to work, they should turn off their cell phones and the Internet. The only time the Internet should be kept on is if it is needed for research.

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