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How to Write a Good Dissertation: Free Professional Help for You

Writing a dissertation is an important milestone in your academic career. It is also a huge part of your professional career. Some or all of your paper may be published and the paper may open career opportunities for you. Did you know that there is free help for you while writing your paper? You just have to get a bit creative, but free help is out there.

  • Campus Writing Lab
  • Most reputable colleges and universities have a writing lab. You can go to the lab and get help on your paper. Do not be afraid to go several times as you progress through the writing process.

  • Use Your Advisor
  • Make sure you have regular appointments with your advisor scheduled well in advance of the paper due date. He or she can check your paper each time you visit with him or her. The more eyes that see your paper, the better off you are.

  • Friends and Family
  • Fresh eyes always find mistakes that weary ones miss. Ask your friends and family to proof your paper. If the content is beyond their scope of understanding, they can still check for spelling or grammar mistakes.

  • Other Kinds of Free Help
  • Remember that free help does not lend itself just to proofing. You want to email, call, and write all the people you can find who are knowledgeable in your field for research purposes. While the help does not come in them reading your paper, the free help may come in another way.

    They may provide quotes, data, stories, or even an idea for a new approach for the dissertation. Consider professors at other colleges, newspaper writers, authors of books, historians, and guest lecturers. Contact everyone you can think of to help you.

  • Former Teachers
  • Former students email me and stop by to see me all the time. Quite often they bring work for me to look at and comment on. I enjoy doing this as I get to see just how far they have developed as a writer. If I do not have time, I ask them to leave a copy with me for when I do have time. Consider using an old teacher in such a way for dissertation help.

Dissertation help is out there and it can be had for fee. You simply have to get creative to find it. Best of luck!

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