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Prompts for those who cannot compose a PhD dissertation topic

If you are composing a PhD dissertation and need prompts and tips for your topic then keep reading… Your brain needs breaks while you work. The idea of being able to sit for six hours at a time and just rush through a piece of your project seems appealing and the height of productivity, but it won’t happen. It just won’t. Instead, make better use of your time by working for 45 minutes at a time maximum. Put out intense effort for between twenty five and forty five minutes at a time. After that, take a five minute break to make some tea, walk around the office, or look out the window. Do not use this break to check the internet or email. Use it as five minutes away from the computer only. Then return to work after the five minutes is done. Use a timer to ensure you do not exceed your work time or break time.

If you work for a few “sessions” at a time (meaning, two or three hours in total) you should take ten minute breaks in between working. Your brain have a natural attention span and setting work time like this will help you to take advantage of it. If you are working on a piece and your have fifteen minutes left, but your brain is not functioning on creative tasks, then change tasks. Divert your attention to something less creative such as drafting a bibliography or setting up the final draft template. These things need to get done too, and there is no point in wasting your work time.

While you are working on a distinct task, you should always keep a note pad of some sort and a pen next to the computer. If you remember another item you need to do, write it down and then go back to your original task. It will still be there when you are done and this gives you a chance to stay focused and not get too far off track.

If you need help with your topic look at these prompts:

  • What role has changing technology played in productivity?
  • How can leadership change business relationships?
  • Address the changes in an ecosystem near you
  • Write about the ethics of physician assisted suicide
  • How can businesses better address cultural differences in the workplace?
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