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Creating your own management dissertation topics

Writing the dissertation is an arduous process that can be very stressful. But it will also prove to be quite a rewarding experience for those who are willing to tackle it head-on. Writing a dissertation begins with finding an acceptable topic. Your topic must be something that is unique to your field and has not yet been thoroughly reviewed or studied by other published authors but is also not something that does not yet have adequate publications or resources available to use as sources.

Many students are now required to submit a dissertation proposal before they begin the majority of their work which tells the advisor and the dissertation committee what their topic will be and what focus their paper will take. This proposal must be reviewed and approved before thorough research is started.

But what if you do not yet have your topic and you still need to create a proposal? What if you need help crafting the perfect topic and thesis sentence that relates to your field but has not yet been delved into completely?

If you are interested in a management topic but cannot seem to come up with anything take some time to skim over the list below and see if anything stands out. You can use the example topics below as inspiration for something related to your particular field:

  • Write about how company policies improve their competitiveness and also enhance local community economic conditions

  • Write about how a company can continually sustain their competitive factor with only the skills that their leader has

  • Examine how important corporate value chain structures are in terms of an international market

  • Study what resource-based techniques can act as leverage for a company and help them to enjoy long term success

  • Review how a company can develop a successful social media strategy for long term success.

  • Write about how a company can use offshore outsourcing to address their customer needs

  • Identify the influences and the factors that have enabled Chinese business leaders to move their companies into other countries.

  • Write about the significance of good leadership in terms of maintaining stability in any organization

  • Establish a guide for companies to address various cultural differences among their consumers.

  • Conduct a study on how the expertise of a company leader can help to manage healthy relationships with the company stakeholders.
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