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Finding Strong And Impressive Examples Of Dissertation Proposals

You are lucky because it is not difficult to find many examples of strong and impressive dissertation proposals. But before you go looking and before you start to create your proposal, double check that it is a requirement of your educational institution to actually produce a proposal and secondly the size or word count required.

Basically a dissertation proposal is a brief description of what you plan to write about. In the proposal you would talk about the question or questions you will examine and the research methods you will use and finally, what you believe will be the outcome when your dissertation is complete.

It might be that some teachers or professors do not require a proposal before you tackle a dissertation. But even if it's not required, it can be a great idea to actually produce a 500 to 1000 word proposal. It helps to narrow your focus on what you want to write and it will certainly impress your academic tutor when they realize you are serious about getting your dissertation spot on.

Where to find dissertation proposal examples

  • As the old saying goes ‘there is no place like home’ and you could very well find excellent examples by asking your teacher or professor. They may well have hard copies of excellent proposals written by former students and in some cases academics will place samples of the work produced by their students online. You'll never know if you don't ask.

  • You could always ask fellow students and particularly those who are a year or two ahead of you in college. Have they written proposals for dissertations and if so maybe you could read them so as to improve your expertise?

  • Finally you can go online to look for strong and impressive proposal samples. There are many available to view. But reading a sample is not sufficient. You have to do so with a critical eye. What does this proposal tell you? Does it fulfil the purpose of the proposal? Does it talk about the questions it will tackle, the methodology it will use and what are the potential outcomes it will create? Only by judging each proposal critically can you see its content and structure.

Remember the dissertation proposal is a relatively small piece of work. Less is more. It is the accuracy of the proposal which can be used, in parts, as a plan or outline for your larger dissertation. The better your proposal, the easier it is to create your actual dissertation.

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