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Getting Some Fresh Law Dissertation Ideas

Law is a subject with deals with providing justice. It is a subject that focuses on the individual is right to civil, political, social rights to live in a society. If there would be no law then anarchy would prevail in the society.

Taking up a task of writing a dissertation for a subject so intense could be quite troublesome. However, if you are able to pull it off then, you do not need to worry about anything else. Important thing for you to focus on right now would be to choose any topic of your interest and make sure that you are well able to understand it. Here is a list you can make best use of:

  • Stakeholders VS shareholders : discuss the two approaches with regard to corporate Governance
  • Carousel Fraud’s Case Study and its importance in the development of Law
  • FOB contracts and its classification in English law
  • International Commercial arbitration , its role and importance
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the directors duties with respect to codification
  • Arbitration and allocation of costs
  • Difference between the Companies Act 1985 with the Companies act 2006
  • Directors duties and the reforms in the companies act 2006
  • Comparative analysis in between insurance regulations in European union and united states
  • Miss representation , its problems and damages
  • Human rights
  • Existing legislation and an appropriate legal framework
  • UK homicide law and its possible reforms
  • Are prostitute’s victims or offenders?
  • War on terror and the value of human rights
  • Domestic violence and children victimization
  • Maltreatment of the children
  • Foreign Arbitral awards and its enforcement
  • EU competition law : its impact on the competition and trade as well as on states
  • Tackling the threat of bribery and corruption
  • The change in patterns of the commercial leases in the UK
  • Piracy : a constructive loss or an actual loss
  • Legal and ethical perspective of passive euthanasia
  • Pursuit of justice and the assisted suicide
  • Implications for European tax law

You have been provided with an extensive list of law dissertation ideas so make use of this list. Just make sure to choose the topic you find yourself most comfortable with. It is always best to have some background information of a topic so you will be able to present your argument well without being confused or going haphazardly around your dissertation.

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