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Useful Hints For Writing An Outstanding Dissertation Proposal

If you are trying to write an excellent dissertation, you need to keep a few things in mind. Besides the time and patience, you need to invest in this, making sure that your work will become an a+ one will be a tricky job. But if you don't rush into things and try to gather everything together before you start, this will become much easier, and you won't feel how time flies when you are writing, since you are stressing yourself about the result, because you already know you will do an excellent job, and your presentation will "kill it".

  • Research. Take your time and research carefully about what you are trying to write about. If you got more than one idea in mind, get your time again and read about every single on them. This way you can choose the best one that is suitable for you and will ensure yourself the excellent result. Since you surely have more than one idea in mind, explore multiple possibilities, so you got something better than to pick than just a dull topic. Making sure you spend some thought on this might win the "first place" which is precisely what you want and what you need.
  • Present. The way you present your idea matters at least as much as the idea itself. Nothing worse than wasting a great idea when you write it like a second grader. If you are making a proposal, think about who you are writing to. That person, if, for example, is a very extrovert one, presenting in a passionate and outgoing way could assure your win. If, on the other hand, he is an introvert, he won't be that happy if he sees you being too loaded. He will prefer for you to be calm, don't invade his personal space or push him, and instead try to present in a formal and explicit way. So he can weigh the pro's and con's before he jumps in.
  • Dress. If you are presenting this face to face to someone, how you wear matters in every situation possible. Showing up in a t-shirt, surfer shorts and flip flops might throw off the guy before you even open your mouth. Depending on who you are talking with, try to dress appropriately so that he takes you seriously, and he will want to accept your proposal.
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